Emergency Drinking Water Solutions

24 Hour Bottled Water/ Disaster Recovery Services


The Disaster Recovery Division of Aqua Blox co-packs, sells, and distributes “purified” or “spring” bottled water for emergency declarations or distribution center replenishments.


    • The Aqua Blox Disaster Recovery Services Division specializes in the 24 hour delivery of truckload quantities of bottled water . Our surge and sustained capabilities are extensive, boasting over 50 locations.
    • All bottled water brands have a two-year shelf-life and are Trade Agreement Compliant products; are produced, packaged, labeled, transported, stored, and handled in accordance with Title 21 Regulations; and meet applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
    • Aqua Blox utilizes a nine region network of bottlers throughout the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. Each region has surge and sustained capabilities to accommodate large volumes of bottled water.
    • Each region is designed to be within a 600 mile radius of a distribution center, staging area, or incident support base to minimize response time and freight costs.
    • Aqua Blox uses national freight carrier companies, with owned assets, that have disaster recovery experience over land or by sea.
    • Aqua Blox provides asset tracking and spreadsheet updates for the position of your water and an estimated time of arrival. Our trained and experienced logistics staff administers the deployment and delivery process from start to finish.